Boiler Repair & Servicing

Boiler Repair & Servicing

(A proper service takes at least 45 minutes)

Our service involves the Boiler being scrubbed/cleaned inside, the Flue is checked for Carbon monoxide leaks, Oil lines, filters, oil tank, boiler thermostat, water pump, and all valves checked. A new Jet / nozzle is fitted to the boilers burner which is fully checked over. Then the oil pressure is set correctly for your model and finally the whole appliance is setup correctly using a Digital Analyser to achieve the best efficiency.

A printout of these results is left with a full Oftec report sheet.

If you do not receive this level of attention then you may be paying for a ‘boiler clean’ which while helpful is not as comprehensive as a service and will not give you the oil saving benefits that a proper service does so make sure you ask what your are getting as it is too late afterwards !

Remember, it only takes a 2mm layer of soot to reduce your efficiency by 5%

If your boiler requires attention or would benefit from the addition of extra heating controls then we can advise you on the best additions that would suit your system.

If your boiler is elderly and would benefit from being upgraded to a New Modern High Efficient Condensing Boiler which could save you 30% on your oil bill we can advise you on the best option for your budget and carry out the whole replacement to present regulation standards. Customers choose registered OFTEC technicians because they trust the OFTEC symbol as a sign of quality.


Repairs – Fault Finding and Servicing


I service and repair all makes of Central Heating boilers, that run on oil Grant, Warmflow, Worcester, Turco, Firebird to name a few.

The modern houses have more technical controlled heating units with fully zoned and separate controlled areas I can fault find, diagnose and repair all that goes wrong with these.


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